Sapporo Islamic International School (SIIS) Presentation Day

Date: Saturday, December 17, 2022

Next Saturday will be presentation day at our school. Our school students will present some materials in culture, language, Islam, and others in the three main languages they are learning English, Arabic, and Japanese.

The Japanese national TV (NHK) will send 3 people to cover this event to be shown later in a documentary about our school, InsyaAllah. Our school students are doing great work right now and learning skills of Research skills, decision-making skills presentation skills, self-confidence, teamwork skills, and IT skills in addition to 2 extra important skills time management skills and working under pressure.

Please give them support and appreciate their work by discussing with them at home and joining them on this important day.

Please be sure that our school focuses a lot on building our children’s character. Each student is unique; he is amazing and has his own character and personality. And by Allah well and support then your cooperation and support he will succeed in In-Shaa-Allah.

Place: SIIS (New Campus)

Day: Saturday, December 17

Time 10:00 to 12:00 AM


Here are the objectives of the annual School Wide Show:

Sapporo Islamic International School (SIIS) Wide Show Video


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